DeuceStarcraft Casts #4: Deuce's Games 5-6!

Hello everybody!

Welcome again to another edition of "Deuce's Games" where I play a couple games on the ladder, go through my thought processes, and then when I lose, talk about the mistakes that I made leading up to that loss.

Game #5: ZvP on Daybreak LE. WIN!

Daybreak was a GSL map which made the Blizzard map pool in Season 7 of the Starcraft 2 ladder. I've actually never played any games on this map before, but I have to say I rather like it. I don't know why, I just do, okay? Stop hassling me.

Here is Deuce's Game #5 on Daybreak

Okay, so here's the few things we can learn from this game:

1) First off, my Lair timing was awful. Around 6-8 mins depending on the situation is a good time to go for a Lair, but it was quite late when I decided to get mine. This is a problem that I have pretty often is sticking to Roach tech once I hit it. I mean, lets face it, Roaches are awesome ^^. So take home message: Don't forget to tech!

2) Always check ALL the bases. One of my viewers on YouTube has graciously pointed out that our Protoss player probably had a third base. I was sure I had checked for a third, but when I reviewed the video again, I saw that I actually checked every other base. So always check EVERY expansion, especially the natural, and natural third bases :)

3) The one thing I DID do right was prepare for the onslaught, and scouted correctly. When you're up against an FFE, there are two transitions:

  • A 6-7 gate pressure between the 9-10 min mark or
  • A double Stargate play.

So you'll notice that around 6:45 I moved an Overlord into the base to see what was going on. I noticed extra Gateways being added on (I scouted three in fact) which said to me that it was unlikely he was going for a Stargate play. So at 7-8 mins, I stopped making Drones, and started making Lings and Roaches, accompinied by a few Spine Crawlers.This was MORE than enough to hold off the aggression, and ultimately win me the game.

4) Also the usual stuff, macro, inject, take bases, watch your money, don't get supply blocked :)

Onto game #6!!

Deuce's Game #6: ZvZ on Daybreak LE. LOSS

Another game on Daybreak! Yay! At least I can take what I learned and apply it to this game. Essentially the mistakes made here were pretty obvious:

1) Unit control. That move where I take the Zerglings and move them into the base, morph them into Banelings, then send them to the Mineral line was excellent. Well done. Unfortunately, the execution left much to be desired. When you're sending in your Banelings, put them on move command, and then manually detonate (i.e. Hit X). If you choose to A move them (like I did), they'll attack priority targets (such as Queens) rather than the Drones. Also, I made some dumb decisions with my Zerglings/Banelings.

2) Teching. Once again, my tech was way behind. Had I made a Lair at the appropriate time, I would have had enough Mutas to take down that entire Roach force with minor ground support and ultimately won the game. But alas, I was lazy, and once again stopped at Roach tech. Speaking of Roach tech, why the hell did I wait so long to get a Roach Warren?!

Anyways that about wraps things up for this edition of Deuce's Games! Keep an eye out for some more DeuceStarcraft Casts where I cast some games sent to me by you wonderful folks! If you like what I do please send me a replay to

DeuceStarcraft (Deuce's Game Record: 3-3)

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