Web Developer

Are you a Ruby or JavaScript developer?

And do you want to join a massive project?

We aim to become the #1 Starcraft II social site and we are looking for more developers to make it happen.

You can choose to work on whatever you like, or even come up with new features and ideas to improve the site. You're more than welcome to participate just a few hours per week if you want to, we're open to all sorts of agreements.

Current Site Affairs

The site is put together from several key parts. Each uses a different technology and each is hungry for a new developer.

Our main site is developed completely using Ruby on Rails. This is where most of the development happens.

We can also use your skills if you prefer JavaScript over Ruby, both client side and server side. Our stream page with live chat is using Node.js and Socket.io.

We also use a lot of JavaScript on the client side (AngularJS). Most of the site was originally developed with Backbone.js, but now we are using AngularJS for it's great databinding and much better productivity.

There are many more technologies we use or used in the past, for example Scala for desktop replay uploader and Clojure replay parser. You can do anything with us with the right attitude - except PHP :)

We use

  • Git and GitHub for version control,
  • Basecamp & Trello for project management,
  • RSpec for testing
  • Capistrano for deployment,
  • Ubuntu Server on our server (hosted at Linode),
  • PostgreSQL as a database
  • Amazon S3 to handle all asset uploads.


Jakub Arnold, CTO

  • Email: jakub@scvrush.com
  • Skype: darthslayer


This is a volunteer position and does not offer any compensation.

Author: Vogin

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EU Diamond Zerg.

The guy in charge of SCV Rush.

Reach me at ondrej@scvrush.com.

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