Deuce Does Europe...Randomly! #3: Special Guest aG'Eillyrea

Hello everybody!

Yet another episode of Deuce Does Europe...Randomly where I adventure on the European ladder playing Random, instead of my usual Zergy self.

Every time I stream, I'm going to have a condition set by suggestions from you wonderful folks. This weeks condition is brought to us by Awesome Gaming, as they lent me one of their casters aG'Eillyrea who shouted at me while I played.

This was a good exercise as Eillyrea is a fairly good coach, and was able to experiment with some builds herself via my ladder points.

(I know this is #4, but the post is #3. There is a #3 video on my Youtube channel, which is actually pretty funny, but I decided not to use it on the site. Go check it out if you like!)

I've still got a long way to go in regards to my basic mechanics in Terran and Protoss, but I'm starting to learn a few build orders such as the 1 Rax Expand, or a 3 Stalker rush.

The things I learned mainly were:

1) Zealots are not good against Reapers

2) Orbital commands are good!

3) If there's no Forge, there's no reason to scout around for Pylons with my SCV


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