Game Diary #26 - Friendly Sparring Again

It's not unheard of that I make a few friends out of our tourney participants - and Starcraft friends are excellent for fearless practice where you won't lose those precious ladder points. However the sad fact is it's ZvZ again, for some reason this matchup finds me more than the other ones.

Regardless, this entry will also be another example of my two previous articles discussing a possible (rather aggressive) way to approach ZvZ, you can read them here and here. Let's proceed!

1. Lair Tech + Missile Upgrade #1

My friend seodoth wasn't completely aware of my favorite tactic in the first game and he was about to meet the other side of the friendly and assertive tournament admin. The battlefield was Backwater Gulch and my opponent went for a very solid 1 base Roach followed by an expansion - something which pretty much negates any kind of Ling/Baneling pressure.

But I didn't get worried and swiftly moved to the second part of my plan - while I was meaninglessly running with Zerglings here and there trying to invoke nervousness, I proceeded with my favorite Lair tech - Burrow, Glial Reconstitution and a +1 Missile Attack. When the timer hit the 10th minute mark, I started to pressure.

The Burrow made wonders because seodoth kept losing Roaches whereas I didn't. Eventually I even got more Drones and finally took advantage of the map by executing a much better conclave. 1:0 for me.

Well Played

  • caught up in macro
  • properly managed Roaches
  • got ahead with Lair tech


  • made unnecessary Lings
  • was vulnerable to a timing attack
  • micro could have been better
  • didn't go for +2 Missile

Download the Replay

2. Nasty +1 Missile #2

Seodoth chose the Shattered Temple and executed a rather interesting strategy - 10 Pool followed by mass Drones and his favorite transition, Roaches. His idea is to scare the hell out of his opponent and then use the advantage to pump his eco and eventually win the game on macro.

Unforutnately, I was smarter than that and also had a bit of luck due to our close air position. I figured the quick +1 Missile is what will decide the game and started to research it as soon as possible - and of course, since I know my macro sucks, I began to attack as well.

I was nearly able to destroy (or rather force a cancel) on the expansion under construction but a massive Roach+Ling force drove me away. It didn't matter though, I caught my foe with his pants down before his Spine had a chance to take roots and since the +1 Missile was already done, I took the game with relative ease. I however do recommend Seodoth's concept, it's a cunning trick to scare your opponents.

Well Played

  • surrounded the rushing Lings
  • didn't overreact in terms of making too many combat units
  • well executed pressure against his expansion


  • bad Overlord placement
  • could have used more Drones
  • fell back 10 in supply at one point

Download the Replay

3. The Jewel

It would seem that I finally got warmed up and that's why the third match of our sparring session went so well for me. The development was very similar to the first game - Roaches with expand against Roaches with fast upgrades. I also managed to kill the scouting Lings and therefore kept my opponent in dark almost the entire game.

Once my upgrades were finished, I arrived on the scene with a couple of Roaches and began my usual war dance (which isn't really recommendable on maps such as Shakuras Plateau due to the entrance to the natural base). Again, my Roaches slowly grew in numbers and even though Seodoth had better economy, I eventually overwhelmed his defenses.

I should stress that the core of this strategy lies in dealing as much damage as possible without losing too many Roaches - once your opponent starts to focus-fire your units and therefore reduce your numbers, you have to use some dirty tricks like trying to guess which one is being picked and retreat him whereas shoot a salvo with the rest.

Well Played

  • denied scouting
  • expanded in the ideal time
  • Roach war dance


  • lousy injects
  • no Creep spread (it's good to place Overlords on the way to your opponent's base and puke Creep to make your reinforcements arrive faster)

Download the Replay

Thank you for reading!

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