Game Diary #25 - Funday Entry

Starcraft can be both cruel and beautiful, there's no doubt about that. I've decided to put together a couple of games wehre either I or my opponent committed something funny or perhaps even hard to believe - Day9 has his Funday Mondays, I'll have a Funday Entry instead.

1. ZvT - Missed the Mines

This was one of the games where I got completely humiliated in ZvT. I was a bit angry at the time so I decided to open with an early Pool, it's hardly a surprise it met literally no success. The following response from my opponent composed of mass Reapers dealt a crushing blow to my economy, especially after my Hatchery fell to those pesky bombs these guys throw.

My counterattacks were useless, my foe had a superior supply advantage and near the end, he just built two additional Command Centers at his third. I wanted to level the things up a bit (I didn't realize I was so tremendously behind) so I researched burrow and bet everything on my favorite trick - Baneling mine.

It would have worked, no doubt about it (even though I stood no chance at all to win anyway) - I don't really know what I was doing at the time, but the fact is I managed to miss a large squad of Marines right on top of my Banelings, all I had to do was press that damned X button and have a "Moooooooonster kill" (to paraphrase Unreal Tournament). Well, see for yourself...

Well Played

  • stayed alive for so long
  • a little trap for Reapers


  • early Pool opening
  • very late Roaches
  • meaningless counterattacks
  • bet everything on a Baneling mine and then missed it

Download the Replay

2. Wanna Some Baneling Explosions?

Xel'Naga Caverns is a terrible map for ZvZ because for some reason beyond my comprehension, most people think it's a good idea to go for some early Pool allin. Fortunately enough, this wasn't the case and the game went pretty standard with me ending up with Roach Baneling and crushing my opponent having Ling+Baneling.

There were two funny moments. One, you know the feeling when your opponent already has Banelings and you don't and so you turn your tail and run? And you feel very safe because, you know, Zlings with speed are much faster than Banelings. Well, at the safest haven there is (my ramp), my poor guys got obliterated by one sneaky Baneling bastard, my immediate reaction was "WHAT THE?!"

But it is the second clash that should draw your attention. My opponent probably figured he needs to attack and do some serious damage and so he decided to just move in, then close his eyes and press the magical "A" button. The result was both very pleasing for the eye and also in great favor for my side. Enjoy the picture!

Well Played

  • Roaches in time
  • deployed a superior unit composition


  • mediocre micro
  • lousy scouting

Download the Replay

3. Mighty Spine Crawlers!

Remember as I was talking about the weird concept of early Pool working on Xel'Naga Caverns? This guy went ahead with it and did no damage at all. My lucky excellent Baneling timing took care of his pressure and then it was again just a matter of time before I killed him.

But the game got peculiar due to his decision to go for Mutas. Of course, my superior ground force went ahead and annihilated his main (please note that instead of Spire, I should have been focusing the Mutalisk eggs). His terrible decision making gave me more than enough time to take appropriate defensive measures at home and I was expecting he will leave any second.

I cannot begin to describe my surprise when I saw his three Spine Crawlers he had built earlier packing their stuff and moving towards my base - he apparently believed that an opponent which actively gathers could lose to this interesting combination. I admire he has guts though!

Well Played

  • fought off initial Pool
  • dealt with the following pressure
  • crushed an attempt for early Mutas


  • overlooked my Banelings trap is in sight of his Overlord
  • carelessly wasted the first Roach+Bane attack wave
  • should have picked Muta eggs instead of Spire

Download the Replay

Thank you for reading!

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