Game Diary #24 - I Tried, But...

I'm sure we've all been there - you play your best, your APM and mechanics are solid and you feel like you should win, but nothing happens. And no, you're not playing close games where the winner is determined in the last minutes, you just get roflstomped without a shadow of a doubt whose game that actually was.

And that's exactly the sort of games I'm sharing today.

1. 3G FE Can Work

The usual scenario - I got lucky and found my Protoss opponent soon enough to block on of his Geysers. When I figured out he's going for 3G FE anyway, I was pretty sure the game is mine due to his lacking number of Sentries in conjuction with the ineptness of most Diamond level players to actually use the Force Fields right and not to waste Sentries.

Boy, was I surprised. Not only that due to my cockiness I arrived a bit later than I should have, but the micro of my opponent was equal to mine (if not better). My attack was fought off three times with relative ease and suddenly it was me who didn't have enough Drones and was lacking the proper tech to defend my own ass against the inevitable push that was coming.

And when it did (Gateway units, 1 Collossus, 2 Immortals), I was hopeless. My units died, the Ling counter was not successful and all that left was to give myself a serious look and find out why the hell I didn't win with the standard push as usual...

Well Played

  • micro during battles
  • burrowed a Zergling at his 3rd


  • attacked too hard with little to no results
  • not enough Drones
  • bad Creep spread
  • bad unit composition

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2. 3G FE into 5G Push

A similar scenario, only I didn't manage to steal the gas. Again, I was late with my push and crippled my economy a bit with making too many  Zerglings too early doing no damage at all. Even though my initial push got utterly raped, the worst hadn't happened yet.

My miserable scouting left me in the dark and even though I was expecting the classic transition to Robo and taking a 3rd base, my opponent simply added two more Warpgates and starting to warp-in units on a steady basis.

        1. And woops, we've got a problem Houston. I was completely unprepared for such a push and my forces got decimated. My opponent played on the safe side so the game dragged on for a bit longer, but there wasn't a single point in this entire game where it would seem I maybe could win.

Well Played

  • took another base besides Gold


  • miserable push
  • miserable scouting
  • miserable macro

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3. Terrans Want Their Piece Too

Come on now, enough of Protosses slaughtering the poor Swarm, let Terrans have their shot as well. The map was Typhon Peaks, the idea was to finally win. And it actually got better this time a bit - even thought I got caught with my pants down with a bunch of Banshees, lost my third and some Drones as well, at the same time I did quite a lot of damage with my own Zerglings so the game actually remained balanced.

However, my idea to go for Hydralisks / Roaches to take care of the pesky Banshees and the rest of the tech proved fatal - I've droned too much and even then my economy wasn't nowhere nearly able to support such an expensive unit composition.

6 Thors, 7 Hellions, 5 Banshees. I think Terrans might actually enjoy the ending of this particular game because it looked like if a group of ants tried to stop this heavy machinery. Better luck next time perhaps.

Well Played

  • Ling counters
  • upgrades
  • reactions under pressure


  • didn't cover Banshees
  • poor economy the entire game
  • lousy scouting

Download the Replay

Thank you for reading!

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