Sky Toss...PvP Beyond The 4 Gate?


Today we are going to be covering the basics of a new Protoss vs Protoss (referred to as PvP from here on out) strategy that has been occurring at masters level on the North American server, I'm sure its cropped up elsewhere but that is where I've experienced it. The basic unit composition of the build is Phoenix/Immortal/Zealot. The goal is to quickly get a Phoenix to the base of your foe to scout, and then upon getting four Phoenixes begin to harass. The purpose of this is twofold:

  • one being to harass the few Probes an opponent has made in PvP
  • the other is to force Blink Stalkers for your Immortals to shred

Now that we have the basic outline covered, let's look at the build a little more in depth. Seeing as how it's PvP I won't give an exact build order but more a basic framework.

Build Execution

How I enter into this build is with the very standard Triple Stalker Rush. The build looks like Gate/Cyber/Gate. When the Cyber is half done, cut Probes at 20, and Chrono out 3 Stalkers. The goal is to prevent the forward Pylon of a possible 4Gate, and also you quickly get your two Gates up, which is all your going to be able to afford with this build until you expand. As soon as you know for certain that your opponent is not 4Gating you, take your second Gas and get that Stargate down as fast as possible. Once the Stargate is complete Chrono out your first Phoenix and immediately go and scout your opponent. Unless they are going Dt's do not cut Phoenix production, but get your Robo up ASAP while continuing to pump Phoenix. If they are going Dt's cut Phoenixes to get that Robo out faster.

Now that you have your 2gates/Stargate/Robo you have everything you need on one base. Continue to pump out Phoenixes, Immortals and Zealots, and make SURE to be active with the Phoenixes. That means harassing mineral lines, clearing watch towers, checking for expansions, scouting in base for tech switches, and picking of whatever units you can.  Once you see your opponent takes his expo, or you feel comfortable with the amount of Immortals/Zealots you have take your natural expo. At this point I like to add on 2 more Gates and a Robo bay when I can afford it to start my Colossi production, but there are other transitions I'm sure that I personally have not experimented with (100 E-points to the first person to figure out how to make this build transition to Carriers :D)

The final thing to note about this build is how helpful Phoenixes are in a straight up fight. If your opponent is doing the 2 Colossi Rush, when your first 4 Phoenixes get to his base you can snipe a Collosi for free due to his lack of anti air, and when the actual main engagement comes you can lift up close to half an opponents army. There is nothing quite as satisfying as someone with Blink/Immortal tech pushing down your door, and you lifting 5 Stalkers and 3 Immortals while you kill the rest of his units.

This concept also comes into play if your opponent does a straight Blink timing rush. These ARE holdable with this Phoenix/Immortal build. If you see your opponent going a Blink timing make sure to save your Phoenix energy, when the Stalkers try to push in on you, simply lift with half of your Phoenixes. His army will now be considerable smaller, and your ground units will be able to clean up his units still on the ground, while your Phoenixes chip away at the health of the lifted Stalkers.


This build allows for quick scouting, ample chances to harass (You would be amazed what 10 Phoenixes can do to a mineral line even if there are 2 cannons there), and a strong all around mid game army that allows you to expand safely. Good luck and remember... My life for Aiur!

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