Game Diary #21 - My Life For Aiur

I played Protoss for a couple of years in Brood War, I even began with this race in SC2 as well. Whenever I'm feeling up to it, I'm hazarding with my current ladder position by playing offrace - and since I played like 10 games in a row, I decided to choose a few and share it over here.

I still have the "harass-make-a-few-strong-units-and-roflstomp" mentality encoded deep inside me so it wasn't much of a problem in altering my attitude a little bit. Of course, there were times my nonsense worked and there were others where I got completely destroyed, but that's only natural when offracing.

1. Nasty PvZ

Going for some 3G expansion or even Forge FE on Xel'Naga Caverns is nothing but a pure madness in my eyes so I rather slipped into more comfortable shoes for me called 2 Gate Zealots. I managed to seriously delay the expansion of my opponent, even though I wasted an unnecessary amount of units in the process.

Since my Stargate sequel got scouted by a daring Overlord, I wasn't really expecting to do much damage but nothing could be further from the truth - I killed 2 Queens and a couple of Overlords, a more than reasonable bargain for building 1 Void and 2 Phoenixes. My foe then overreacted with a lot of Hydralisks and he completely wasted them when he moved against my natural (or traded them for one Collossus, to be more precise).

All what remained was to ignore his Zerglings blocking my third and just move in with a sufficient army relying on 3 Collossi. Due to the large number of Hydralisks he lost earlier, my opponent was unable to fight me off and gged.

Well Played

  • aggressive opening
  • harass
  • timing attack


  • could have dedicated a few Zealots to deal with the harassing Lings
  • lost Voids like an idiot
  • very sloppy Force Fields

2. Air Again...

I'm a big fan (or hater, depends on which race I play) of Stargate units in PvZ. Phoenixes offer unrivaled map control and Voids are just a pain in the arse in general. With that being said, I wasn't feeling comfortable going for the same opening again on Antiga Shipyard, because Zealots going across the map would be amusing rather than dangerous.

My opponent was apparently some sort of a macro machine because he wasn't really concerned about me and was happily Queening / Droning. He was actually so happy doing it that I took my 10 units or so, took advantage of the fact he didn't have many Overlords between our bases and tried to push him on the ground.

To my utter surprise, he left the game once he saw my small task force at his natural. A short replay analysis showed that he had just began hatching some stuff, and you bet it wasn't combat units. I still think he could have at least tried because I didn't really have that many units.

Well Played

  • did as much damage as possible with the Air units under those circumstances
  • well timed ground assault


  • too few Probes
  • didn't deny scouting
  • it was pretty much an all-in (you can see here what happens if it doesn't work)

3. Funky PvP

I don't know if it's the general trend lately or if these games seek me out, but I've witnessed a lot of PvPs where one player went for Blink and the other for some sort of Robo Tech, be it Immortals or Collossi. Sooner or later, the players end up trading mains and then it's about who's got another Nexus, where is it and whose army composition is actually stronger.

And of course, the same had to happen to me. I chose to go for 1 base Collossi and it might have worked perfectly had I been less stupid and actually sacrificed 75 Gas for an Observer. That way, I would have denied any harass via Blink (Shakuras Plateau is a good map for that) and eventually gotten a far superior army composition.

However, I got eventually fed up with the harass and just moved against his main. He had a lot of minerals for another Nexus, I didn't and what's even more stupid, I somehow managed not to build additional Pylons in order not to get eliminated - and I naturally did when I was moving against my foe's nexus. That's what I call "To The Death"...

Well Played

  • good Chrono Boosts
  • army composition


  • very late Observer and even then hadn't taken advantage of it
  • suffered from unnecessary harass
  • ill decisions under pressure (kill the main or go for the expo)

Thank you for reading!

PS: Unfortunately the replays got lost when I formatted my hard drive, hopefully you'll forgive me this one time.

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