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There are games which can prove to be quite beneficial for your skill, but there are also those which are pretty standard and you use them to either affirm your current build orders and general skill levels which lead to victory or, at times, make some sort of stupid mistake along the way which pisses you off a lot.

This Diary will be about these regular games where my opponents were playing a in a little weird manner and my standard style didn't have a problem with theirs. While it all sounds easy and nice, keep in mind that one also needs losing if he ever wants to improve - if you were Diamond and played in Silver for three months, your skill would deteriorate a great deal.

1. Extractor Trick / 11 Pool?

My opponent was probably testing out a build and it didn't really turned out well. It might if I went for the 15 Hatch, but I can imagine his dismay when he arrived in my base and saw 4 Zerglings of my own with their Speed being researched facing his the 6 of his own.

Of course, I eventually ate him up when the Lings got wings (I'm indeed a very bad poet) and my Banelings and his Drones played a little variation of the kid's favorite game Hide & Seek - Hit & Run. After I finished my attack, he had an unfortunate combination of 6-7 Roaches and one Drone.

He didn't leave until I killed it though. Maybe he was hoping for a comeback...This is exactly why going for such an early Pool in ZvZ is just flipping a coin - you'll probably win against expansion and lose against Pool with Gas.

Well Played

  • calmly fought off initial pressure
  • had the game under control its entire length


  • hadn't gone for 15 Hatch (in the eyes of my opponent)

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2. "3 Sentry" Expansion...

Nope, it's not a typo in the popular Protoss opening. I took advantage of something I call "clever scouting" - on maps like Shattered Temple (small with close positions), if you don't find your Zerg/Protoss opponent on close air positions and you don't have a worker in your main at around 1:40, chances are he's across the map.

Which was precisely this case and thanks to this thought pattern, I once again stole the Gas and made 3G FE or any other standard opening for that matter a bit harder. What I really didn't expect was a rather bold attempt of expanding with just 3 Sentries and a couple of units.

It might have worked against the classic "10-min-no-rush-I'm-macroing" type of Zerg, but I had no issues whatsoever with throwing a handful of units at his natural, destroying Sentries and then finishing him off. Another example of a "macro cheese"...

Well Played

  • found a hidden scouting Probe
  • had a sufficient Drone count before the pressure
  • good Injects


  • wrong Rally Point
  • hadn't gathered second Gas for a while

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3. Zerglings Are Hungry!

I admit the headline above is a bit peculiar but it appositely describes what was going on. I think I might need some charity to which I would donate all the Hatcheries I'm being handed over on a silver platter in my ZvZ matches; once again I destroyed my foe's expansion based on 14 Pool / 20 Hatch (or something like that).

He had however managed to quickly add a macro Hatchery in his main and I was unable to go through that gazillion of Zerglings and Banelings, even though I had a superior army composition or Roaches and Banelings. On the other hand, I managed to secure my expansion and got some upgrades going.

Once I witnessed no less than 6 Spines as a reaction to my little innocent push, Mutalisks were a clear choice. When they arrived at the scene, they enjoyed a little recreational slaughter of Queens and Drones. Even though I eventually wasted them and the first ground assault was a stalemate, my superior economy easily seized the game for me.

Well Played

  • initial pressure
  • knew when to pull back
  • won the game by macro


  • wasted a lot of units
  • hadn't checked for ninja expansions
  • Creep spread (for vision) was lacking

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Thank you for reading!

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