Game Diary #17 - The Thrill

Once again I find myself in a position where metagame and unorthodoxly aggressive style of commanding the Swarm yield great results. 3 games, 3 very different stories - but they all share one common aspect, they were thrilling and if there were any spectators, I'm sure they would have enjoyed them.

Instead, I'll try to capture the moment retrospectively and with a glimmer of hope you'll learn a thing or two from the games layed in front of you. Let's begin!

1. Challenging The Champion

We've hit it off a little bit with the winner of our first European event ever, Bear. Since he hadn't lost a single game during the tournament, I was naturally curious to test him myself - and you'll get a peak inside one of our games.

The battlefield was Antiga Shipyard and Bear, playing Protoss, went for the traditional fast expansion with a lot of Sentries (I was unable to steal one of his Gases due to unfortunate scouting). Even though we were literally across the map and I hadn't the advantage of lesser Sentries available, I still went ahead with my favorite Roach+Ling pressure.

That actually came out as a bit of a surprise for Bear as he lost half of his Sentries in the initial engagement. From that time forth, I was streaming units inside his natural and base killing everything I could - Photons, Pylons, units and Probes and  I was able to secure my third at the same time. I also added Spire and when the first Mutas arrive at the scene, the game was over.

Well Played

  • Drone saturation
  • was able to macro while attacking
  • micro during combat


  • little Creep spread
  • reinforcements were hanging around and used once the first wave was repelled
  • hadn't checked well for secret expansions

Download the Replay

2. Another Friendly Game

With the recent popularization of our community-friendly website, I was able to make a few friends outside of a "working" relationship, such as a Master Protoss Doodje. A friendly sparring match was eventually inevitable and so I made the Shattered Temple and hit the "Start" button.

My in-game foe opened with Forge FE to which I have a simple answer as of late - a proxy Hatchery. He somehow neglected the scouting in his base so he didn't even have the chance to build some Photons near it. A few Roaches inside your main base when you have just Probes at your disposal can really misqueme you.

And yet, while the game would be regularly over, Doodle displayed some strong sense of survival - not only he managed to pump out a few Void Rays and eventually attack my main, but he also sneaked a Probe out to another starting location in order to rebuild his main. Luckily for me, I always check for such tricks (albeit I was quite late in this particular instance). I found out and it was GG right after that.

Well Played

  • well placed proxy Hatchery
  • run-by by the Photons
  • anti-Void reaction


  • once dreadfully again, no Creep spread over the map
  • late scouting for hidden bases
  • poor Drone count for the most part

Download the Replay

3. Back to the Ladder

It is necessary not to neglect my laddering duties since my words can be hardly given any real value if I'm deep inside my Diamond division. ZvZ on Shattered Temple should usually mean a reasonably easy job of getting some points, but I'm getting the feeling people has been actually learning how to play this particular matchup recently.

I forced my opponent to cancel his Hatch-after-Pool and wasted a great window of opportunity to kill as many Drones as I want while waiting for Banelings. Roaches came out and even though I busted a few Drones, the game was pretty much even.

As stupid as it sounds, I've overlooked Spire when I was scouting with my Overseer - which resulted in a nasty surprise for my part. I naturally took my Roach-superior army and at least killed the Spire, but had nothing to prevent a handful of Mutas from killing many, many of my Overlords.

With my supply and economy crippled, I was literally at the mercy of my opponent having 3 Roaches, 1 Hydralisk and 4 Queens against 15 or so Roaches. Yet the wary and too circumspet nature of many Starcraft 2 players saved me once again and my opponent concentrated on his own business instead. Which was lucky for me because I came back to the game and eventually seized it, especially thanks to my superior Infestor micro in a large engagement.

Well Played

  • hadn't typed GG even though I had every reason to do so
  • Infestor micro
  • metagame


  • hadn't utilized Zerglings vs. Drones in the beginning
  • scouted poorly and never saw the Spire coming
  • dreadful micro with suicidal waves

Download the Replay

Thank you for reading!

PS: The replays of this game were also supplied to a guy trying to polish his casting skills. Since he did a good job, I've decided to include it in this diary as well. Enjoy!

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

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