Game Diary #13 - ZvZ Sparring Partner

Having some sparring partners can do wonders for your gaming - not only you get the opportunity to test some builds that might cost you quite a few points on the ladder but if you're as lucky as I was with fortunately stumbling upon Kallehoe, you can actually both improve while fighting against the style you really don't like.

In this particular instance, the macro of my friend is far superior to mine whereas I am better in early game & harass. We've played a couple of games before I had my ~15 days break from SC and I've chosen the three best. Let's get going, shall we?

1. Camping = Bad Idea

I think it's funny how people often say one thing and do another. What's less funny is the fact that I do it too at times - for instance, as I've already mentioned, my sparring partner has good macro and even though I opened with a very quick +1 Missile Attack for Roaches, I didn't bother with attacking and rather engaged in some random activities like trying to catch up in the Drone count.

While I did poke eventually (even with a slight upgrade advantage), his home position was enough to fight me off and it was straight down the hill from that time onward - my macro really looks so bad compared to his.

He eventually got way too many Roaches - if you throw in his superior Drone count, one additional expansion and even better upgrades, there's only one way it could have gone - I lost.

Well Played

  • slightly faster upgrades
  • Ling harass


  • poor macro
  • no Creep spread
  • should have made Spire and 2-3 Mutalisks to kill Overlords all over the map

Download the Replay

2. Roach Push

I was thinking about an ideal counter to the fast Roaches + expansion build and a cunning idea entered my mind. I learned from the previous game and in order to utilize the quick +1 Attack, I saved up Larvae and built 9 Roaches at once which I then used to move in to prevent any expansion attempts.

Since I already had the +1 Attack once I invoked the battle (~7:30), it was no problem to deny the expo and moreover, eventually create a hardcore contain while concentrating on my own macro.

I have however underestimated how many Roaches can Zerg produce from one base and I nearly died to an all-in (which was to be expected since there was pretty much nothing else he could do, besides Mutas perhaps). Once I fought it off, I won, but let me tell you those were a few minutes filled with a LOT of adrenaline...

Well Played

  • timing attack
  • contain & macro
  • luck while defending an all-in


  • got too cocky with two expansions
  • too few combat units

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3. I'm A Magician!

I think I should rethink my career plans because even though I lost this game, I should have done so a lot earlier. I played the Antiga Shipyards for the first time and I decided to surprise my buddy by opening with a FE - something I rarely do in ZvZ. Unfortunately, he did the same and not only I couldn't execute any early pressure I'm very good at, but I've also crippled my economy by expecting similar attacks.

So, in a short time he had twice as many Drones as I did, his Roaches versus mine were like Persians vs. the 300 lead by Leonidas, he got another expansion and I totally lost the first fight... but then I decided it would be too pathetic to lose like that and I called my good friends Mrs. Chance and Mr. Luck to aid me.

So I defeated ~50 Roaches with my ~25 and some Fungals (you know, when Roaches are climbing up cliffs, they do stack pretty nicely). Count in a little Zergling harass, equal number of Drones and some nice micro and you get the game going on in a balanced manner... of course, right until I got overmacroed again and lost my 3rd and thus, the game.

Well Played

  • found the starting position of my opponent (yeah, I had no idea where they are)
  • Zergling harass
  • good relationship with Chance & Luck


  • terrible scouting
  • indeed horrible early game decisions
  • no Creep spread
  • low upgrades from mid-game onwards

Download the Replay

Thank you for reading!

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