Terran - First Impressions

In the past few days, I've decided that it is time for me to try something new. I've been playing quite a lot of Terran in Starcraft: Broodwar, especially TvZ, so I have a little inherited knowledge and micro, but that's about it.

The thing that made me change my mind is that Protoss doesn't really fit the style of play I'd like to do, as most of the Protoss' games are around building a deathball and killing your opponent with one mighty push.

On the other hand while doing a bio build as Terran, I feel like I can do a lot of aggression on any part of the map, constantly drop, abuse expansions and be a pain in the ass in general.

So far I have played less than 10 games in 1v1 and about 20-30 games in 2v2, but I'm already beating a lot of players in platinum/diamond leagues.

Location, Location, Location

Fighting with the bio army seems to be more about positioning than anything else. It's just so easy to kill an expansion or a group of units that you catch out of position with your insanely mobile army.

So far I haven't really tried a lot of Mech play, as I'm doing quite well with bio against basically any unit composition my opponents throw at me. Even those Banelings aren't that much of a threat if you manage to split your army nicely.

And what if the whole thing dies? No problem, I have another one sitting in my base, because bio is also insanely fast to rebuild.

Constant Upcash

One of my problems is that I find it really hard to spend the money I get. Especially when I have Mules on a gold expansion, the cash just rolls in like crazy. Bio units are very cheap compared to their effectiveness and if you throw a few tanks in, it is very, very hard to stop the army.

However, all of my attempts so far have been somehow amateur, I didn't really try to read any builds or something like that. With that being said, I'll look into it, keep you in the loop and supply you with the best of current Terran builds available!

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