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Let’s get this out of the way…HAPPY NEW YEAR! I would wish you a year of health and riches, but that seems a bit cheesy, so let me wish you a year of illumination and mental stimulation!

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For this lesson, I decided to take a look at some of the people playing in our (SCV Rush’s) tournaments. Sometimes it's fun to keep things close to home, the next great discovery may be found right in your backyard!

This was a best two out of three match up between System(Z) and Frizzy(T). If you want to watch just these two games, hit the video link and jump to minute 40 for the start of the first match and minute 55 for the second match.

System was the winner of the first match, but there were connectivity issues during the second match and System was DQ’ed for this match. I have not seen the follow on games, but I have been told that System was able to come back and win this tourney, so congratulations go out to him!

After four minutes into the first match, System(Z) jumped right out and made second hatchery. The interesting and funny thing is that Frizzy(T) was building a bunker right next to the upcoming hatchery. The hatchery was completed first and it was at this time that System found the bunker (lesson number one!).

System (Z) didn’t place an Overlord with his hatchery, and this gave Frizzy (T) the time to complete his bunker. There were a few minutes where Frizzy (T) was able to be a incapacitate the newly grown hatchery. Once the bunker was gone though, there was minimal impact on System’s (Z) progression on his main base.

More than anything, the result of this bunker issue was that Frizzy (T) was able to have some breathing room to build bunkers, star ports, and so on. It seems that System’s (Z) win was due to his persistent expansions and gigantic creep spread.


The second match had the potential to be really interesting. It started out very similarly to the first with Zerg building a second hatchery quickly, but Terran built a bunker/barracks combo inside of Zerg’s second resource area. The constant inflow of Marines into the bunkers (yes, Terran was able to build two bunkers) kept Zerg at a disadvantage until it was cleared. Zerg learned from his mistake in the previous game and left an Overlord while his hatch was building, but the barracks were built outside of Zerg’s field of view….sneaky!


Lessons Learned

It was at this point that the match basically ended due to technical difficulties, but it was shaping up to be a game of who could tech up faster. Alas, we will never know… Now we have to ask, what did we learn?

  • When building a Hatchery, keep an Overlord nearby so you can see what’s going on!
  • Spine Crawlers are good defenders for a Zerg’s buildings.
  • If you are playing Terran, get a bunker (with Marines) near your opponents’ main or expansions. If nothing else, this will slow down his production. ( WARNING This may be chalked up as ‘cheese’ and may need to be avoided as a matter of etiquette).

Cheese is delicious, but bad for your game

Yay, a second set of things to try out during your next match! As always, let me know what I am missing or what has helped you. I hope this has been as enlightening for you has it has been for me. Remember, maybe this will help your game, or it could hurt it. You won’t know until you get out there and play!

Author: NamlessBstrd

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I am new to the SC2 community and to the game itself. I hope you enjoy watching me learn more about the game and how to play. I welcome any challenge, with the understanding that you will offer an honest critique of what I did right, and what I did wrong. Who knows, maybe I'll use our replay for my next post.

I have also joined the practice buddy program. If you want someone to practice with, let me know! I'm always looking for a reason to play.

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