Today I Learned #4

Let's continue our watching of Homestory Cup 4 with the TvZ matchup of GoOdy(T) and Destiny (Z). I would like to acknowledge Team Liquid and for hosting the match information and the VOD respectively. The match can be found HERE in case the embed version does not load.


Just as point of reference, Destiny(Z) had to win both of his games for this match up to move into the next round while GoOdy(T) had the good fortune to only need one win to move on. This may have had a huge impact on Destiny. I know it would have thrown me off to be down like that. I need to stop here and say thank you to Destiny. We will all have good games and bad games, don’t let the bad games eat at you. I was very impressed with Destiny’s good sportsmanship and classy ‘GG’, thanks for setting an example!


On to the matches!

Game 1 - GoOdy(T) v Destiny(Z)

The first match was decided by a bunker rush on Destiny’s (Z) second Hatch. There were so many resources used/wasted in destroying the Bunkers that Destiny (Z) was never able to get past this. Another point that caused the defeat of the Zerg player is that he seemed to expand too quickly. Destiny seemed to never get a solid footing in this match and the early building of his second Hatch was a giant kink in Destiny’s plans.

Game 2 - GoOdy(T) v Destiny(Z)

Destiny’s defeat in the first match was the nail in the coffin of his advancement. He was out of the tournament and he knew it. It was an unfortunate situation and I would have rather seen both players not play a second match just so face could be saved. Alas, this was not the case. Destiny went for a half hearted Roach/Baneling attack and it just never came to fruition.


Lessons learned

  • First, I will state the obvious lesson from this match; Zerg MUST expand. If you do not, you are lost. Drones must be built just as a solid plan for attack/defense must be hatched and executed. Zerg is a reactionary faction; let your opponent show his hand then go in for the kill. The first lesson leads into the second.
  • If you come into a situation that you know will set you back more than it’s worth, cut your losses. You can always come back and pick up your expansion when YOU are ready. Do not let your opponent force you into a situation that you cannot recover from.
  • Losses happen to everyone, even the top players in the world, it’s simply part of the game. Don’t get flustered when things are not going your way. Try and step back, reset yourself, and reassess your situation and build from there. What will you do next time an opponent has you on the ropes? You won’t know until you get out there and play!

Author: NamlessBstrd

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I am new to the SC2 community and to the game itself. I hope you enjoy watching me learn more about the game and how to play. I welcome any challenge, with the understanding that you will offer an honest critique of what I did right, and what I did wrong. Who knows, maybe I'll use our replay for my next post.

I have also joined the practice buddy program. If you want someone to practice with, let me know! I'm always looking for a reason to play.

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