HERO vs INORI: Harassment Focused Play in PvP

HERO vs INORI: Harassment focused play in PvP – Taken from recent HerO TL Replay Pack PvP Metaopolis


3 Gate Robo with Warp Prism Speed


Welcome to awkward, and hello hilarity.

Besides the obvious comedy that is to ensue for the rest of this game, I quite fancy this opener from both HerO and Inori. Both went for a relatively safe build by going Observer first and getting at least one Sentry as usual to hold of any sort of early Gate pressure. On their own, the Immortals allow both players to survive with Force Fields and raw power and punish any sort of low-tech play (4Gate). They eventually both get a Robotics Facility to get out Warp Prism speed.

  • How
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The wickedly fast Prism allows players to not only harass but also to scout what their opponent’s tech is (besides the initial Observer) and allows an extremely fast push if an opponent gets too greedy.

Another thing: Immortals go great with Prisms. Why you may ask? Well for starters, Immortals do not require a projectile to attack, they deal instant damage and is micro-able on the fly.

Second, the hardened shield ability allows the Immortal to stay active for a long time. Even if it takes damage, it mostly likely will be able to come back moments later with full shield and potential.

Third, it kills stuff really, really, really fast. Doing 50dmg to any structure, you can easily snipe Pylons, harass workers, and damage/kill tech structures quickly.


And the best part? Your opponent needs to commit a large amount of units to prevent such harassment, allowing you to expand, tech up further, or out multi-task him to death. This kind of build has the sort-of same vibe as a Phoenix focused opener, allowing the phoenixing player to scout, harass, and react to whatever their opponent is doing.

In this match, both HerO and Inori go for Prism Speed. This is where things get a bit interesting (in a PvP? No way!) As you might realize, Immortals take a LONG time to kill other Immortals, allowing both of them to snipe buildings freely without much hindrance. Inori, fed up with the harass, plops down a StarGate to stop Prism harass while HerO goes for an expansion. The expansion seems like a better option at this point since no player can really touch the other due to the counter-attack potential (awkward base trade inc?)

Plus, the Warp Prism is useful for the entire game! It works well with a DT follow up, or even some Zealot harassment. Warp Prisms do not cost gas which makes them extremely affordable for the entire game.


In this particular match, HerO follows up his harass with an expansion, DT and blink tech. Essentially, he is going for an APM intensive game plan to try and wear down Inori before a final engagement that will seal the deal for one of these players.

And it works out beautifully. The combination of DT’s, Blink Stalker and Warp Prism harass forces Inori into an “all in” situation where he must kill HerO with a final attack. Unfortunately, his haste is met with a well-positioned HerO, good Collossi spread, and overall more calm play. HerO’s harassment play was too much for Inori to bear in this game and forced the ‘gg’ out of Inori.



  • A PvP Harassment focused play (with correct execution) can be a safe and effective way to get up an expansion, punish greed, and scout what your opponent is doing.
  • Harassment throughout the game can deal economic damage and force your opponent into a bad position!

Author: Tikm

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