HotS Giveaway – Angry Angry Templar


  • Eligible leagues – EU all

  • Fri Dec 14th, 6pm GMT

  • Meeting Chat Channel: scvrush

Won a key? Email

Take a stand
  • Do not make any games, the admin will invite you.
  • Each game will be played with 10 rounds on the Waterfall pitch.
  • The player with the most won rounds will win a HotS Beta key.
  • The players placed 2nd - 4th will qualify for a Second Chance.
  • After all games are finished, people eligible for the Second Chance will play one additional game of Angry Angry Templar. The winner will be awarded a HotS Beta key.
  • As many games as possible will be cast. Casters will move to the edge of the pitch and you must not throw the ball at them. When they receive the ball from the Templar, they'll get themselves killed and the game continues.
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